Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.

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PETITION: Church music director fired for marrying his partner

A few weeks ago, I received a fantastic piece of news: Will Nifong, my former Latin teacher and current friend, had gotten engaged to his partner, Colin Collette. I had met Colin only a few times (he always volunteered for a large role hosting the annual National Latin Honor Society banquet at my high school), but I knew that he was an extremely generous and supportive person. I also knew that he was very dedicated to Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, where he had worked as an openly gay music director for 17 years.

So words utterly failed me when I learned that Colin had been fired from Holy Family due to his engagement. I was shocked, disgusted, infuriated—and most of all, sad. Sad that Colin had to choose between his job and his partner. Sad that Will, who was chaperoning the National Junior Classical League convention in Atlanta, could only comfort him from 700 miles away. Sad that one of the happiest occasions of their lives was suddenly flipped upside down and tainted with bigotry. Sad, in short, that “Where everyone is welcome” only applies if everyone is straight.

If you sympathize, please consider taking a few seconds to sign (and/or share) this petition. It would mean a lot.

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…a Latin Student Problems shirt!
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Ali kicks things off with an introduction of her best friend Danny. Topics covered include Harry Potter, potstickers, and an excessive amount of blue shirts. 

Salvete, amici!

My friend Danny (of Fourth Pun-ic War fame) and I are starting a video blog. Although it won’t be exclusively about Latin, we will, I’m sure, cover the topic A LOT. I won’t post any videos on LSP (besides this first one) unless they are directly related to Latin, so never fear!

However, if you are interested in watching (because at least we think we’re mildly entertaining), you can head over to our YouTube channel or the blog where I’ll be posting all our videos or just click the video above. It’s only slightly humiliating.

E corde,